Do you need more information about the Day Trip service?

This is a list of the FAQs about Altersail's day tours

Is there a flexibility regarding the starting days?
There are fixed dates for our cabin charter adventures.
(West Crete & East Crete): How do we reach the boat in the starting point?
1. We can arrange your pick-up/ drop-off from the airport that your flight lands, or port, or your accommodation if you are already in Crete. We use 9-seater or 7-seater minivans and normal taxis for that. Let us know and we will quote you accordingly. 2. You can use the local bus and taxi service. Take a bus from your airport to the town central bus station. This is very close to the marina where we dock our yachts. Keep in mind that the time schedule differs depending on the season. We can share more information as soon as you fix your flights.
(Cyclades): How do we reach the boat in the starting point?
1. We can arrange your pick-up/ drop-off from the airport that your flight lands, or port, or your accommodation if you are already in Santorini. We use 9-seater or 7-seater minivans and normal taxis for that. Let us know and we will quote you accordingly. 2. You can use the local taxi service on your own at your arrival. Kindly note that taxi’s in Santorini are quite limited and might have difficulties in catching one if not pre-arranged.
Is there enough space on board for my suitcase?
Kindly note that space inside a boat is limited. Although each cabin has lots of storage such as wardrobes, lockers etc. We strongly recommend to bring with you only the essential (we can store your stuff that you do not need outside of the boat and bring them back at the checkout). Keep in mind that hard suitcases do not fit the yacht. Instead you can use soft fabric suitcases that can fold.
What shall I bring with me?
Try to keep your suitcase small. Swimming suit, flippers for our walks in the villages and open trek shoes for our light hikes. Hat, glasses and sun protection. A light daypack for our treks (10-12lts). Light windbreaker and maybe a couple of long sleeve t-shirts would be more than enough.
Are there towels and bedsheets provided?
Yes, there is one set per person for the week (2 bedlinens, 2 towels, 1 pillow case).
How large are the cabins?
That depends on the boat. Our 50 footer has 3 large double cabins, 1 with bank beds for guest and 1 for crew. They all share 3 wc/showers.
How is the accommodation on board?
Accommodation on board is in double occupancy cabins. You can book a cabin with your partner or friend or alone if you wish to. Normally we are no more than 6-9 pax altogether onboard.
Is there a surcharge for single occupancy?
Surcharge for single occupancy is 40%. Friends/partners who book a whole cabin have a priority in choosing the aft double cabins, while singles may share a fore cabin with bank beds.
Where does the skipper sleep?
Skipper keeps a fore cabin with bank beds.
How much fresh water does the yacht carry?
Well, some people can say that it does not matter how much water we carry, it matters only how wise we use the resources. We carry around 930lts of fresh water. This should be enough to shower and rinse dishes for the week. During our route, we follow out of the beaten track itinerary and the approach to ports/ marinas/fresh water, can be limited. Of course we like to shower every day and stay clean and fresh!! Your skipper will show you the way to do that with minimum use of fresh water. We wash and rinse dishes with sea water (pump side the boat) and rinse with fresh water. We refuel with water wherever is possible.
Do we have electricity on board? How we charge phones etc?
We do have 12v chargers for phones, laptops and cameras. We use primarily solar panels to fill the batteries as well as the boat engine.
How do we provision the yacht?
Before your arrival a document is sent to you by our team. It is very helpful to answer all the questions for dietary preferences, food allergies etc. Your skipper will organize to stock the yacht and show you everything at your arrival. There is possibility to provision again in basic things during the week.
Who pays for the provisioning?
At your arrival and check-in, your skipper will collect from each one of you the amount of 150€. A common wallet is created that is kept by your skipper together with all the expenses & invoices. This will pay for the provisions of the week concerning breakfast, lunch and dinners ashore in local taverns.
Are meals included?
Provisions for breakfast and lunch are paid by the common kitty and are self-served.
How do we prepare breakfast and lunch?
Breakfast and lunch is self-prepared and served. Your skipper will show you around everything you need to know and of course will assist you through the process.
Dietary arrangements:
All products we use are local and haven’t travelled much to arrive the yacht. We use organic olive oil, lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products from small producers in Crete. Meat and fish is fresh and local as well.
Should I have a travel insurance?
In your own interest, you are advised to buy suitable travel insurance before leaving home, including cancellation insurance to protect your booking deposit.
How often is the yacht disinfected?
We disinfect the yacht after every trip.
Is scuba an available activity for certified divers?
No it is not in the sense that we do not carry equipment on board. Of course it is legal and we can do that apart from some areas where restrictions are applied. If a reasonable amount of people on board is interested in diving, we can prearrange dive sessions with dive clubs among the route.
What is the attendance time to be expected from our crew?
Your skipper is in charge of the boat and of everyone’s safety on board, 24h per day: this implies a great responsibility and commitment. Outside from sailing, docking, weather analyzing, managing and maintaining the boat, the skipper may schedule his time pretty much at his own will. As a courtesy he may ferry you ashore by dinghy, but you cannot expect him to do it all night as he needs his rest, otherwise your own safety may be jeopardized. You may invite him to join you for dinner.
How do I settle the balance of the activity?
See the Payment/cancellation policy section
How safe is your online payment system?
The transactions with Altersail are completely safe. The transactions take place on our bank secure page or we use third parties such as “stripe”. All banking data is encrypted (SSL protocol) with 128bit encoding so that they are absolutely ensured. You get an e-mail from the bank that your payment is done and Altersail receives a note from the bank that your payment is done for the specific activity.
What is the language spoken by the crew?
Our skippers speak English and at least one of the following languages: Greek, German, Italian, Spanish.
Are the yachts insured?
All our yachts are covered for Third Party Liability with sum insured equal or higher than the obligatory from Greek Legislation (Bodily Injury, Material Damage , Sea Pollution ). The above mentioned yacht insurance is valid in excess of the security Deposit (not applied in cabin charter) the client chooses to pay.
Do the yachts meet any safety standards?
All yachts safety equipment meets or exceeds the safety standards set by the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine
If you need some other information
Please contact info@altersail.gr