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What qualifications do I need to charter a bareboat sailing yacht?
To do that in Greece the skipper has to provide a valid sailing certificate proving his/her competence. There are some countries that do not issue sailing certificates. In any case, there is a requirement to present a reference from your yacht club verifying your ability to sail or a sailing resume or anything that help us understand your sailing level experience. The co-skipper will be asked to complete and sign an official self-declaration form, stating their sailing competence. Charter companies and/or owners and fleet operators hold the right to test your sailing abilities before charter.
Which days of the week can I begin and end my charter?
We offer flexibility concerning our check-in/out days. You can book your charter at any day of the week for as long as you wish.
What is the schedule of the charter?
Most of the charters begin around 17:00 on the day of departure and typically end at 09:00 on the day of arrival. Of course there is flexibility and depends on previous arrangements.
What does the charter fee include?
Yacht prices are per yacht, per duration depending on time of the year, regardless of the number of people aboard (subject to the maximum number of berths). Charter fees include the cost of yacht insurance and current VAT.
Are there any additional charges?
The following additional charges may apply: • Boarding pack: depends on the size of the yacht and covers the expenses for final cleaning, bed linen and towels (one set per person per week), extra fuel for outboard and gas etc. • Refundable security deposit • Fuel - The yacht should be delivered topped up with fuel. • Port or Marina fees - This is a daily-base fee, which applies to almost all ports in Greece with varied costs. Optional - Any optional extras that you might have specifically requested.
Do you provide boat briefings?
The charterer and his or her party will be given general briefing covering the local cruising grounds. Questions about navigation, anchorages, prevailing conditions, or any part of the desired itinerary can be answered. A more specific boat briefing aboard the yacht will then be given, covering all the operating systems, including rigging, electrical system, water system, windlass, stove, dinghy, outboard and emergency systems.
How do I settle the balance of the activity?
See the Payment/cancellation policy section
How safe is your online payment system?
The transactions with Altersail are completely safe. The transactions take place on our bank secure page. All banking data is encrypted (SSL protocol) with 128bit encoding so that they are absolutely ensured. You get an e-mail from the bank that your payment is done and Altersail receives a note from the bank that your payment is done for the specific activity.
In case I want to cancel my charter?
In the event of cancellation of the charter by the Charterer, for any reason, the following cancellation policy will apply depending on the time-interval between the booking confirmation and the cancellation date: a. Policy of "Dossier's expenses" (3% of the booking price or minimum 150 EUR) will be applied for bookings cancelled after signing the contract and in time period up to 90 days prior to boat embarkation. b. Cancellation fee of 30% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled within a period of 90-60 days prior to boat embarkation. c. Cancellation fee of 50% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled within a period of 60-30 days prior to boat embarkation. d. Cancellation fee of 100% of the total fee, for bookings cancelled in a period less than 30 days prior to boat embarkation. In case that the yacht under cancellation is re-chartered to another Charterer for the same period and under the same conditions only the dossier expenses will be charged.
Are the yachts insured?
All our yachts are covered for Third Party Liability with sum insured equal or higher than the obligatory from Greek Legislation (Bodily Injury, Material Damage , Sea Pollution ). The above mentioned yacht insurance is valid in excess of the security Deposit (not applied in cabin charter) the client chooses to pay.
Do the yachts meet any safety standards?
All yachts safety equipment meets or exceeds the safety standards set by the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine
Should I have a travel insurance?
In your own interest, you are advised to buy suitable travel insurance before leaving home, including cancellation insurance to protect your booking deposit.
If I need to hire a professional skipper/crew?
We carefully select the skippers and crew that collaborate with. We can hire on your behalf a professional skipper/crew for as many days as you wish. Fee is regardless of the amount of people on board. Kindly keep in mind that he/she will need his own cabin or a shared cabin in case you wish to have skipper and deckhand/hostess/cook.
What is the attendance time to be expected from our crew?
Your skipper is in charge of the boat and of everyone’s safety on board, 24h per day. This implies a great responsibility and commitment. Outside from sailing, docking, weather analyzing, managing and maintaining the boat, the skipper may schedule his time pretty much at his own will. As a courtesy he may ferry you ashore by dinghy, but you cannot expect him to do it all night as he needs his rest, otherwise your own safety may be jeopardized. You may invite him to join you for dinner. Your hostess is in charge of breakfasts and lunches onboard, provisioning, cabin and cockpit cleaning. She also assists the skipper. Her daily work schedule is from 07:30 to 18:00. If you ask her to do overtime service and she accepts, remember to tip her accordingly. You may invite her to join you for dinner.
What is the language spoken by the crew?
Both our skippers and stewards speak English and at least one of the following languages: Greek, German, Italian, Spanish.
Do we regularly have dinner with our crew?
You are free to invite your crew to share your dinner ashore. However, they may decline your invitation, simply because they need to rest (for our crew, a season consists of successive, intense weeks). When the crew does not have dinner you, do not forget to take over their meals (11€ per meal/crew member). In any case, they will advise you of the best tavern and local dishes, so that you will be able to sample a delicious authentic cuisine at reasonable prices.
Can we re-provision the boat during our cruise?
Yes. There is grocery/general store and a bakery on every inhabited place you are visiting. Ask your skipper (he knows where and when to shop what).
Participating (skippered)
During the skippered cruises the guests are expected to participate voluntarily in every day’s life on board. That means you will be able to learn basic skill of sailing such as knots, trimming sails, anchoring, setting a course, preparing meals aboard and cleaning.